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A bit about Queen Azshara in new “Legion” addon.

A bit about Queen Azshara in new “Legion” addon.

Warbringers Azshara is going to be shown on August 24th in gamescom, a highly-anticipated movie which gives our first actual look at one of Azeroth’s enduring villains.

While we have never immediately confronted Azshara, her effect can be felt in important WoW narratives. In this guide, we will highlight stories linked to Azshara, and possibly even N’Zoth, in Legion and Battle for Azeroth.

Azshara’s ancient history is the stuff of legends–a beloved queen which dazzled everybody through magical, whose allure belied her true character, resulting in Sargeras, War of the Ancients, and the Sundering. This report concentrates on her tales in recent expansions, but if you’d like a recap of the ancient components of her narrative, check out Nobbel’s video.

Azshara initially partnered with Sargeras for immense power, believing together they’d rule Azeroth and purge the world of poor races. Sargeras’ strategy instead was to ruin Azeroth–that is really where Warbringers opens. Azshara realizes she’s left by Sargeras and isn’t powerful enough to shield all of the Highborne, along with the waves come crashing over her folks.
He wishes to strike a bargain with her, but she neglects his first offerings. She’s a Queen and have to be treated so. She won’t merely assist him retake his empire, but function as Queen. She’d rather die than serve a different –living with no adoration of her folks would be unworthy. At StarCraft 1. The Overmind is a colossal eyeball, also N’Zoth is portrayed as one too.

All 3 cinematics are united with a strong sense of protection due to their own empire, and sorrow they were not able to conserve their issues –Jaina for Kul Tiras, Sylvanas with Quel’Thalas, also Azshara together with the Highborne. Wrong or right, they sacrificed everything for their preferred individuals. In Azshara’s instance, this sacrifice is made particularly interesting by the way that it acts as a role of her dressing table, not always a feeling of goodness, and portion of her sooner agreement with Sargeras would be to obliterate other races.Azshara and N’ZothWhen Chronicle Volume 3 published during Legion, readers obtained confirmation which Azshara was in league with N’Zoth. Formerly, we had just received signs that they were associated via a Hearthstone site during Whispers of the Old Gods.

Under the waves, another slave of N’Zoth stirred. She had been known as Queen Azshara, and she’d mastered the early night elf empire prior to falling under the will of the Old Gods. She delivered her loyal naga into an underwater region called Vashj’ir, in which there was a rift into the ancestral kingdom of Neptulon the Tidehunter. The water elementals had defied N’Zoth’s control, and therefore, they’d suffer. Nevertheless Azshara and her naga hunted more than simply to ruin Neptulon. The elemental god held the capability to control the planet’s oceans, and it was that that N’Zoth demanded.
Additionally, there are several Legion hints pointing to a N’Zoth look. Several Il’gynoth whispers link to him:

Il’gynoth whispers: N’zoth… I travel… into Ny’alotha…
Il’gynoth whispers: To locate himdrown yourself in the group of celebrities.
Xal’atath also has many whispers concerning the God of the Deep, for example:

You need to rush and conquer the dropped titan… you will find higher battles yet to fight.
Additional N’Zoth and Azshara hints include Visions of Vashj’ir Beyond , probably the place for N’Zoth’s prison in Vashj’ir, Unplug L’ghorek which cites a massive menacing monster draining energy, also Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron That Has the quotations:

In the base of the sea even mild has to expire
The drowned god heart is black ice.
From the sunken town, he places dreaming.
The bass know all of the secrets. They understand the cold. They understand the dark.
In the realm of Ny’alotha there’s just sleep.
From the sleeping city of Ny’alotha walk just mad things.
Ny’alotha is a town of old, dreadful, unnumbered crimes.
Azshara at LegionBefore analyzing Azshara’s existence in Battle for Azeroth, we ought to back around Legion. Azshara wasn’t a significant character in this growth, but a lot of narrative threads in Legion were associated with her previous actions. With the way the narrative of Legion turned out, she is likely unhappy with the majority of things our personalities did–but joyful about imprisoning Sargeras.

To begin with, we’ve got the questing knowledge in Azsuna. Throughout the Battle of the Ancients, he desired to ruin the Well of Eternity Working with the Tidestone of Golganneth. When Azshara heard of his strategy, she covered the whole property in arcane energy and murdered his people, forcing them to roam forever as spirits. Close to the conclusion of the zone, we see him stand up into a fantasy of Azshara ( The Head of the Snake), needing to serve her even though she would raise the curse–an activity that ultimately earns him the esteem of his black court.
This zone is full of her minions, together with the last boss Wrath of Azshara. In Battle for Azeroth, we see the Pride of Azshara at Stormsong Valley, so perhaps the remaining seven mortal sins will afterwards take a look.

Next, there is Suramar, the town of this Nightborne. This was a significant place during the Battle of the Ancients, and a lot of it had been missing in the Sundering. But a little region of the city lived because of a protective defense placed around it from the Highborne–which is actually the place gamers pursuit via in Legion. AU Guldan confronted Elisande, also she had been forced into accepting a deal with the demons to guarantee the success of her people–in her dreams, it was the only path to success. We won’t see the whole narrative as we have done many times in Legion, but we are ultimately successful in preventing Suramar from Elisande along with the Legion.

Azshara reveled in ruining elven cities throughout the Battle of the Ancients, therefore she has to be irked to understand this town, previously composed of loyal Highborne, rebelled against her, lived, and holds her into disregard. While she charmed nearly all of her issues to enjoy her, she just really liked the elite magic Highborne–thus losing the aid of Suramar is something which could vex her.

We know from Chronicle Volume 3 which N’Zoth hastened the corruption of the zone. Comparable to Azshara, Xavius impossibly survived the Sundering, shifting allegiances to the Old Testament someplace along the way.

In Legion, Xavius’ thirst for sin and corruption on Malfurion pushes the Val’sharah narrative forward, culminating at the Emerald Nightmare raid. With the events of this Emerald Nightmare, Azshara has dropped one of the reliable old allies, one that was also duped by Sargeras and rescued by N’Zoth.

Our favourite weapon Xal’atath also includes some intriguing whispers from the raid:

For Il’gynoth: It seems the prison of N’zoth isn’t quite as powerful as it once was. Everything you see is a very small development of this behemoth that may nevertheless eat your entire world.
For Elerethe: Still another seed of corruption implanted in passing. An unquiet soul will drift in anger and increase in pain. Rather than breathing , she absorbs all around her.
For Xavius: Xavius, running from 1 master to another, trying to find electricity, yet defeated over and over. Or, is there anything else ?
We are also interested to find out what Azshara believes of Sargeras’ imprisonment. She initially allow the Burning Legion throughout the portal and punishes herself with Sargeras, presuming he’d cleanse the lower races of Azeroth and give her immense power. But, Sargeras’ strategy all along was to ruin Azeroth, preventing it from falling to corruption from the Old Gods.

Sargeras voiced his rising fear that presence itself was faulty –an idea he had come to terms with after his experience with the Old Gods. Solely by burning all of production can the titans stand a chance of thwarting the emptiness lord’s ultimate aim. In Sargeras’s head, even just a lifeless world was much better than just one dominated by the Void.
When Azshara recognized Sargeras wouldn’t save her at the Sundering and her followers begin to drown, she immediately forms a bargain with N’Zoth to serve himeven though Old Gods would be the enemy of Sargeras. With Sargeras locked away following his defeat Argus, we wonder whether Azshara perspectives this favorably –a significant threat and origin of betrayal to her is eliminated. She wishes to take over Azeroth, while he would like to ruin it. As she is unbelievably proud and confident, realizing she had been fooled by Sargeras must bite.

New Overwatch map is coming to the game very soon! Details inside.

New Overwatch map is coming to the game very soon! Details inside.

No one in gambling does CGI cinematics at the same level as Blizzard. The most recent Overwatch brief concentrates on D.Va along with the burden of her feeling as she is the sole person who will battle against Omnic. Without giving too much away, the outcomes are heartwarming and slightly volatile. Over this, there are a few overt topics about it being ok to request help (such as if you are shifting the payload) current too. There could also be a couple of teases about what is next for your Korean esports superstar should you look close enough.

Overwatch New map

With regards to what is next for Overwatch itself, another stadium was added into the Public Test Realm. The expansive”Busan” combines traditional Asian architecture with contemporary lifestyle, at a map set in D.Va’s residence nation. Busan was created for the management gametype using a trio of different sections: the tranquil Sanctuary region teeming with gardens and temples, Downtown and the MEKA group’s foundation. Yep, you are going to have to battle it out in D.Va’s office. While you are waiting for an upcoming Overwatch map, let All Wowers Team recommend you a Cheap Overwatch Boosting Service which will help you to improve yours skill rating rank almost immediately.


It generally does not take too long to your maps to go from the PTR to people drama, so in the event that you would like to have an early benefit, you may want to fire up your PC sooner instead of later.

Battle For Azeroth | Zandalari Trolls

Battle For Azeroth | Zandalari Trolls

Druid Path of Zandalari Race

As you already may know in the new expansion pack for the World of Warcraft – Batlle For Azeroth, you may choose the sub-race of trolls. You already met them before, but the new models were presented to us only in the Mists of Pandaria.

Trolls of Zandalari are the unique and more evolved type of trolls, they are much closer to the Night Elves then classical trolls, and you could tell about this just by looking at their appearance.

Developers form Blizzard decided to show that Druid’s path quite differs from the one we all know. All Druid’s forms are representing them as prehistorical dinosaurs.

Moonkin Form


Bear Form


Cat Form is not yet showed, but I think that it will be different too.

Argus the Unmaker | 7.3.2 Final Boss of the Legion

Argus the Unmaker | 7.3.2 Final Boss of the Legion

The developers intentionally let the mystery cover on the final battle in the Legion, so be careful all that below is a huge spoiler to end one of the most exciting and epic storylines of the World of Warcraft.

Although the developers did not want to disclose the abilities of the final boss, they could not add the ability to the files of the game itself, and the craftsmen with Vovhead easily got to the bottom and I present to you the last legion of the Legion.

Argus is a Titan | How it is Possible?

Previously, for all of us, the Titans were truly inexplicable creatures and only with the release of the Warcraft Chronicles we were able to get at least some information about these all-power creatures. According to information in the book – Titans are powerful creatures that were created from the very arcana, they are born from the worlds themselves if these worlds are strong enough and they contain a special Titan-soul. You already know that in Azeroth this very soul exists, and now it suffers, but still resists and gives hope to all the inhabitants. But what do we know about Argus?

pantheone titans

Argus is the oldest planet, the planet of the birthplace of the Eredar, as well-known as the Draenei. It is well known that the Titans visited Argus like Azeroth and many other worlds, in search of the soul of the titan and they did not find such a soul on Argus. So Who is the Argue the Unmaker and what powers he held in his hands?

What was behind the Sargeras’ Great Betrayal?

The thing is that in the Argus’s soul is existed but it was small so that none of the Titans could detect it or they knew that this soul does not have enough strength to become a full Titan. All of them decided to just forget about him, all except Sargeras, because he needed the power source to feed his army in his Dark Crusade. And after his great betrayal, he remembered about the existence of a weak brother and firmly decided to defile the world and all its inhabitants.

As we all know, All living creatures, even the demons, have one enemy – the Lords of the Abyss, and Sargeras’s goal is righteous – he wants to prevent them from making their way into our world. But they, because of their mighty power, cannot enter our reality and for this, they need an avatar of unprecedented power, the Titan-avatar. Sargeras has set himself the goal – never to let them into our reality, even if this requires destroying all the Titans and all life in the universe. It was because of this, he began his dark crusade in which he burned entire worlds in the flames of war and destroyed any titan-soul encountered on his way.

So why then Corrupted Titan spared Argus and instead of destroying, began to absorb his forces as a coal for powering his military machine? The fact is that the soul of Argus was not strong enough even to just get the form of a Titan, and the Dark Lord needed an incredible power source. Yes, the Soul of Titan has incredible power and it is thanks to her that demons are able to revive in a Nether.

Invasion of the Forces of the Light

When the heroes invaded Argus they found there Draeneis who did not succumb to Sargeras’ false promises and remained faithful to the light, they became Krokuuns, the same Outcasts as Akama. Shamans of the Krokuuns could communicate with the soul of Argus, using special stones, and it is thanks to the benevolence of the world that they could survive for so long in the heart of the Burning Legion. Magni Bronzebeard, after the ritual of joining with the stone, also found the ability to speak with the Titans, and he heard a voice full of pain, a voice calling for help.

Immediately after arrival, the Army of Light began to besiege the impregnable bastion, intending to make its way right into the heart of ArgusAnthorus the Burning Throne. It is there that Sargeras keeps his darkest secrets and the most faithful allies. Magni Bronzebeard learned about the ancient machine of the Titans, capable of locking the spirit of a broken titan, forever depriving the Burning Legion of his immortal army.

Argus Titan

Heroes will have to fight through the never-ending forces, defeat the most powerful demons from the Sargeras Army, and even meet the souls of the other Titans of the Pantheon. It turns out that Sargeras did not destroy the Titans, or rather destroyed them not completely, they left only the old echoes of the power they possessed, and the Dark Titan decided to amuse himself. The whole Pantheon was broken, and Aggramar even went insane and joined the elite suite of the Dark Lord.

After fighting through the crowds of enemies, freeing the Souls of the Titans, the Heroes will finally approach the very core of the planet to conduct a ritual that will allow them to overcome the Burning Legion. But suddenly Titan appears in front of them in all his might. Argus the Unmaker in the flesh. Sargeras and his dark knowledge allowed to the Argus to obtain a physical form and now, against his will, he will kill everyone who enters the sacred halls of his chambers.

Argus the Unmaker | Final Boss of the Legion

Argus the Unmaker begins the fight in a special arena and is armed with a huge scythe. The boss periodically clears all targets in the cone in front of him using Sweeping Scythe.

Argus the Unmaker | Phase One

Argus the Unmaker: 100%-70%

In the first phase, the heroes are helped by Golganneth, the titan sitting on the left throne on the picture. He uses the spell Sky and Sea, which spawn two spheres on earth. The Sky sphere causes buff Strenght of the Sky and increasing the Critical Strike and Mastery, the Sea sphere causes Strength of the Sea, that increase Haste and Versality.

Pantheone of the Titans

During P1 Argus will breathe with the Death Fog that will remain on the Arena until Argus reaches 70% HP and Golganneth uses Golganneth’s Wrath to clear Death Fog off the platform. This is a soft enrage mechanic of the final encounter.

Argus the Unmaker | Phase Two

Argus the Unmaker: 70%-40%

The main thing on the P2 is the Volatile Soul, which debuffs two players with Soulburst and Soulbomb.  One of the tanks will be blessed with the Aggramar and receive Avatar of Aggramar, that grants a massive bonus to health and redirecting all incoming damage into himself. This hero must help their allies that were affected by Soulburst and Soulbomb to survive.


Argus the Unmaker | Phase Three

Argus the Unmaker: 40%-??%

After Argus reaches 40% hp he flees the battleground and summons a bunch of Constellar Designate. These creatures use the power of the stars against the heroes, and use next abilities:

Heroes will be able to reach those creatures only using the help of the Norgannon. This Titan will summon a few flying disks, and the rest is on the heroes’ shoulder.

Each of these Constellar Designates has their own weaknesses to the one element and will take 200% bonus damage from that school:

Argus the Unmaker | Phase Four

Argus the Unmaker: ??%-??%

While Heroes fighting against Contstellar Designates, Argus do not lose his time and cast Reap Soul, that will kill all players. But the Eonar saves all heroes, using Gift of the Lifebinder. Players will be able to Release Spirit during encounter!

Tree of Life

Just like with the Desolate Host you will be able to travel between the two realms – the Mortal Realm, and the Spirit World, while Gift of the Lifebinder is active. Players in the Spirit world will need to consume Life Energy to resurrect into Mortal Realm, but after they consume all Life Energy, the Withered Gift of the Lifebinder will start to receive an increasing damage.

Aman'thul probes

Aman’Thul will also help in this phase and summon Reorigination Modules, which will help to defeat the Unmaker. Players must damage these modules, survive their Reorigination Pulse and then collect Motes of Titanic Power in the Spirit World, and after heroes collect enough of them Khaz’Goroth will cast his special ability Titanforging.

Virtual ticket to the BlizzCon 2017 | Awards

Virtual ticket to the BlizzCon 2017 | Awards

The eleventh Blizzcon in this year will traditionally be held in the expanses of sunny California, in Anaheim, on November 3-4. For those who can not personally attend this epic exhibition in all senses, a “Virtual Ticket” is available that will allow viewers to follow all the main events on several broadcasts and will give a feeling of the atmosphere of the holiday reigning on it. All this without leaving home!

BlizzCon | New Mounts and Other

Virtual Ticket” on Blizzcon 2017 went on sale for 39.99 USD. Together with the opportunity to follow exciting events, its owners will receive a number of in-game gifts for all Blizzard games:

  • World of Warcraft: a double flying vehicle – the Horde airship Orgrimmar Interceptor and the Alliance ship Stormwind Skychaser, as well as the great feat “The Rider of War.” These mounts have a special animation / mountspecial and are already available in the game;
  • Other games: soon …

BlizzCon Virtual Ticket mounts


Also, this year Blizzard prepared several pleasant changes and innovations for “virtual” viewers:

  • Each week, developers will produce special videos that will tell about Blizzard and the community: interviews with developers, composers, artists, famous players; recording of the creation of drawings and cosplay and much more; A lot of new materials can be viewed at;
  • The number of broadcasts will double. There will be an opportunity to watch the broadcasts from various places and ALL panels of the exhibition, including those that have never been shown before. Also, you can see special private interviews with developers;
  • The interface of the player will be improved, which will allow selecting the most interesting materials and broadcasts personally for each viewer;
  • In the near future, there will be a special application on iOS and Android for viewing Blizzcon 2017 on mobile devices.
    The ticket holders receive $ 10 discount to “Bag with goods.” Also this time you can buy an “Epic bag with gifts” containing additional items.


Destiny 2 will cooperate with Blizzard

Destiny 2 will cooperate with Blizzard

Many were waiting for this and finally, their expectations were justified! Meet Destiny 2 on a PC and not just on a PC and it comes out on the platform of Destiny 2 is very popular at Blizzard and it was the main reason why they agreed to contribute to the speedy release of this, no doubt, wonderful game. With the help of Blizzard Destiny 2 will be able to join their global network, which will allow Bungle to concentrate all efforts and resources on the development of the game itself. Destiny 2 supports full synchronization with all social applications of Blizzard.

Destiny 2 on

Destiny 2 game

The company Blizzard has a stable network infrastructure, and that’s why they were chosen. If it were Blizzard won’t helped then Bungle would have to develop its own network client for the release of this wonderful franchise on a PC. But this does not mean that in the near future on the platform Blizzard will start to appear new games. The company has no short-term or long-term plans to support third-party games on this platform.

Players will enjoy the exciting gameplay, the new “Play with the Guide” mode, four different planets with completely different landscapes that can be traveled. It does not matter whether you played in the first part, anyone can find a job for their liking. The story campaign can be performed both with friends and alone, and with the help of “Play with the Guide” it will be easier for players to go through complex tasks while teaming up.

Destiny heroes

The release of the Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will be held in September this year. For the PS4 console, temporary exclusive content will also be available.

Available information about Destiny 2

Trailer Destiny 2

Very soon MMOFPS Destiny 2 comes out and it is known that at least two additions are planned for the game. Now, thanks to the arts posted on the game page in the Xbox store, players who are familiar with the storyline of the game learned that they can be devoted to two important characters of the universe – Osiris, and Rasputin.

  • Banner Osiris – black eye on the yellow cloth is a symbol of a mysterious character who conducts a multiplayer tournament Trials of Osiris. In addition, he is a powerful Warlock who lives on Mercury. And although he never appeared himself in the game, but there are a lot of details about him.
  • The second symbol belongs to Rasputin. Rasputin is one of the Warmind AI that was designed to protect humanity and Earth from the forces of darkness. Several missions were dedicated to him during the storyline of the original game, and there were scattered clues that defensive AI had become something different.

Thanks to the leak to the network of a short FAQ for the directors of the GameStop stores, we have new information about MMOFPS Destiny 2. If this document is real, we are waiting for a lot of new details, but since no one can guarantee the truthfulness of the information, we ask to view the information below as “rumors”. New information from the document:

  • Pre-order Destiny 2 will open up early access to the open game test, which will be available to all and will run on all platforms. For the GameStop network, there will be a separate gift: everyone who pre-ordered the Limited Edition will receive a unique figure.
  • Destiny 2 will be a completely separate game and will not require players to have an original game or any other content, knowledge of the plot and the ability to play in Destiny. Perhaps this means that according to the plot of the sequel we will be told about the events of the first game.
  • In Destiny 2, you can transfer characters from Destiny that reached level 20 and have completed mission Black Garden. Only the appearance settings of the character will be transferred, the other: currency, equipment, achievement, progress, will not be transferred – they will remain available in Destiny 1. Additionally, developers plan to add the insignia for the veterans of the original game to honor their achievements.
  • The season pass will include two large additions, the first will be available in winter 2017, the second – in the spring of 2018. Both additions will add to the game new story assignments, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer, as well as a large number of new weapons, armor, and equipment.

Other Blizzard related news you can find here:

Chromie – Legendary Bronze dragon back

Chromie – Legendary Bronze dragon back

Meet the Chromie – Yup, Again

Chromie Bronze dragon

In the patch 7.2.5  our old friend, dragon Chronormu, also knows as Chromie will back with a new epic questline. Officials description:

“An epic, time-twisting questline involving everyone’s favorite walking paradox: Chromie!”

We already looked at this story and datamined dialogues and found a few interesting strings about lore! If you new in World of Warcraft then you need to know that Chromie is the bronze dragon Chronormu that loves to use female gnome form.

In the additional patch, she will be a quest giver and member of the Timewalkers, She gave the most interesting quests in WoW like:




Chromie WoW

Chromie will meet you and perhaps her future (or past) copy.

Hold onto your helmet… we’re traveling through TIME!
Alright… let’s see here. I think we’re at the right time, give or take a minute. Am I dead yet?
Oh, good. There I am over there. Hi, me!
Oh, hi! What are you doing here?
Here we go… again!
I bought us a few more seconds this time, but we have to move quickly.
Hey! Chromie!
Oh, hi! What are you doing here?
Follow me! We don’t have much time!
Oh! Well, alright. You’ve never steered me wrong in the past. Or in the future.
So, where are we going? Why are we leaving Wyrmrest?
Somebody is trying to kill you. In fact, it should happen any second now…
And then just teleports away
Alright, I’m chronoporting us to a point four hours before the attack happens. That’ll give us PLENTY of time to untangle this mess.
Huh! That’s weird. Something’s blocking me from accessing that particular moment.
No worries! Four hours was probably too early anyways. Let’s try one hour.
Now I’m starting to get worried, $n. Whoever orchestrated this attack really did their homework. They’ve found a way to block my chronoports!
Let’s give this one last try…
There, that did it!
We are now at a time 15 minutes before my death.
That probably won’t be enough time to save me, but it’s the best I can do for now.


As we can see from the next datamined info in patch 7.2.5 we will collect new shards – Chronoshards and proceed further in this quest you need to collect all of them!

And when we farm enough of them, we will travel to all Dragonshrines to investigate. In the Ruby Dragonshrine, we will meet a Leach that hides inside the tree, and keep one of the Chronoshards. In Obsidian – Dreadlord that is talking with another bronze dragon. After a short talk, you will destroy this Dreadlord and receive another type of the Chronoshard. Then we will go to the Emerald Dragonshrine and which demons are connected with the emerald dream? Right – Satyrs. And of course, this satyr have another Chronoshard. We have only last shrine to visit – Azure Dragonshrine, and here we met a Void Lord that holds another Chronoshard.

After receiving all Chronoshards Chromie will tell us that Legion is planning a cross-synchronous attack. And she surprised why a bronze dragon helped the Legion?

Attacks on Chromie

Chromie sees through the time and saw a few attacks across time, and you as a Hero need to stop them.

And from this point, we start to jump through the portals that open Chromie and beat all bad guys that appear. We will travel to a lot of places, like Mount Hyjal, Well of Eternity, Stratholme and others.

After Chromie is saved

Chromie just saved all Azeroth and we helped her a lot. If you do not understand what is going on, then do not upset – Time is complicated. And that’s why you can re-do this mission if you failed and Chromie was killed. “There’s no time like the present… trust me.

Other articles about World of Warcraft:

League of Legends – Interesting facts about Galio

League of Legends – Interesting facts about Galio

Q and A Session about Galio

Recently Riot Games answered on a few question in Reddit, and here is the most interesting of them. If you liked what you read here, I will write more about LoL. Share your opinion in the commentary section.

Why Riots still think that this Galio is same as old one? Where they put old Galio?

Champions may be changed by various conditions: champion have a low pick rate, they badly fit in the new conditions of League of Legends, Their abilities are just unbalanced in the core mechanic, and etc. First two problems is a Galio’s problems. Riot want to fix them without upsetting the players that really love the old Galio and this was a really hard challenge for a team Riot.

The thing is – there is no one perfect and special formula, that allows seeing the abilities that Riot needs to rebalance. Developers just thinking about all pros and cons and listen to the player’s reviews of the champion. Community’s opinion is the strongest factor. Riot do not have anything untouchable in the League of Legends world, so they decided that Galio needed to be reworked. Maybe this step upset some of the players and they want to everything stay untouched, but this is impossible. The Game is enhancing and this is an important aspect. The story just can not move forward if Riots will break all logic chains and make uninteresting plot twists.

Galio reworked

But the community’s atmosphere is another important aspect of LoL, and Riot needs to balance on these 2 sides. Sometimes Riots just need to remake a champion to make it better, to increase his pick rate. Let’s take Galio as an example, “Mana devouring flying stone creature that will protect Demacia, who is not averse to play tricks of the enemy“. He has other great sides but Riot loved these and decided to leave them untouchable. His history was changed a lot, but the anguish and sense of duty, characteristic of the early Galio, remained intact.

Why did you decide to rework Galio so hard? Aatrox seems to get lesser changes.

Galio was a really weak champion, on both sides – in-game mechanic, and in visuals. But Aatrox was a great champion that has issues in the mechanic balance but has perfect visuals, that are loved by many. Riots have plans on reworking champions that are weak on the both sides and almost done their work.

What may Galio’s ultimate look like?

At the early stages of the production, Riot thinking about passive ultimate ability, like gaining him an ability to crawl on the towers and increasing range and power of his abilities.

Is the bond between Poppy and Galio disappeared?

Oh no, Riot even does not think about this opportunity. They still thinking about how to create a bond between these 2 champions.

Galio as a support? You think that this is a good idea?

Well, Galio is fit in the support role more than Shen, but less than Nautilus. Riots still thinking that Galio’s main role in League of Legends is Tank, that needs a lot of gold and EXP. But if Galio support does not break the game on the lane, then everything seems ok to Riots. We will see the answers in future.

Why is he so white? Can you make him a little brighter?

Galio lol

It is easy – new Galio was made from materials, that are usual for the Demacia’s style, and in the LoL’s Lore was mentioned that this material was used because of its anti-magical properties. By the way, new Demacian’s Architectures are preferred minimal style and this why Galio looks like another gargoyle.

How Galio connected with other champions of the Royal Demacian Guard, like Garren, Lux of Fiora?

Galio’s duty – to protect these peoples, and he made his work great, but sometimes may look silly. He understands that human life is just a moment for such creature as him, but he still loves and protects them.

Flying in Legion – How to unlock

Flying in Legion – How to unlock

It’s already 7.2 patch and we already ready leave this land and fly in the skies! But to unlock flying in Legion you need to receive two achieves

  • Broken Isles Pathfinder, part One – To earn this archive you need to open every point on the Broken Isles, make all main quests in the each location (Last zone quest will guide you in the dungeon, where you will obtain one of the Pillars), get Revered reputation with everyone, Complete Order hall campaign and complete 100 world quests. It looks scarier that it is, so do not worry about this part.
  • Broken Isles Pathfinder, part Two – And this achieve open flying in the Legion. Ofc you need Pathfinder part one, but this is not all conditions. Also, you need to receive a Rever reputation with the new Fraction – Legionfall that appear on the broken shore, and open all places on the Broken Shore.

Unlocking Flying in World of Warcraft: Legion

Still, want to earn your wings in Legion? So just complete these achievements, and they unlock flying for all your characters.

Let’s look at them more closely

Explore Broken Shore

Pathfinder WoW

Your mission will be to reveal all areas of this new zone, so just mount up and go for an Adventure!

Next areas must be discovered:

  • Deliverance Point
  • Deadwood Landing
  • Soul Ruin
  • Broken Valley
  • The Weeping Terrace
  • Tomb of Sargeras
  • Felrage Strand
  • Felfire Pass

Legionfall Commander

New fraction appears to push back the Legion, and you need to find their favor. So earn reputation by completing new world quests on the Broken Shore, construct defensive buildings and just do every quest of the Legionfall fraction.

And this all! If you already have a previous Pathfinder achieve, then you can take to the skies! Just call your favorite flying mount and explore Broken Isles from a new side. You now in command and only you decide where you want to ride, or in this case – fly.

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Mage tower and Artifact Challenge appearance

Mage tower and Artifact Challenge appearance

In the Broken Shore, you gain an ability to build a fort. And among other buildings, you can build the Mage Tower that will give you a bunch of useful bonuses and an opportunity to participate in the special event, and if you can win, you will be rewarded with a great looking weapon. But aware these Challenges are extremely hard in the current gear, so you need to be prepared to hundreds of tries.

Mage tower buffs

Once you build the Mage Tower you will get a Fel Treasures buff, which adds the next benefits on the broken shore:

  • Portals to the Suramar, Val’sharah, Highmountain, Stormheim, and Azsuna. You can use them as portals in Dalanar.
  • Veiled Wyrmtongue Caches will spawn on the Broken Shore, and they contain Legionfall War supplies and Nethershards.
  • Artifact Challenges will open, and allow to any player to participate in a solo event which unlocks new Artifact Weapon appearance.

Artifact Challenges

Mage tower challenge

This is very difficult challenges, so don’t be upset if you failed. There were not tests in PTR thus it may have a lot of bugs, so just wait till Tomb of Sargeras open, gear up and then smash these challenges! There are 7 various challenges:

Closing the eye

Closing the eye – a challenge for Survival Hunter, Subtlety Rogue, Havoc Demon Hunter, Frost Death Knight, and Arms Warrior.

An Impossible Foe

An Impossible Foe – a challenge for Feral Druids, Outlaw Rogues, Unholy Death Knights, Fury Warriors, Fire mages, and Elemental Shaman.

The God-Queen’s Fury

The God-Queen’s Fury – a challenge for Arcane Mage, Assassination Rogue, Retribution Paladin, Enhancement Shaman, Demonology Warlock.

  • Arcane Mage – Tips by Loare
  • Assassination Rogue – Tips by Keasheo
  • Retribution Paladin – Tips by Exavier
  • Enhancement Shaman – Tips by Anagamar
  • Demonology Warlock – Tips by RojectSixam

Feltotem’s Fall

Feltotem’s Fall – a challenge for Discipline Priest, Windwalker Monk, Beast Mastery Hunter, Destruction Warlock.

The Highlord’s Return

The Highlord’s Return – a challenge for Blood Death Knight, Vengeance Demon Hunter, Guardian Druid, Brewmaster Monk, Protection Paladin, Protection Warrior.

End of the Risen Threat

End of the Risen Threat – a challenge for Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, Mistweaver Monk, Restoration Druid, Restoration Shaman.

  • Holy Priest – Tips by Lionhaertex
  • Holy Paladin – Tips by Warria
  • Mistweaver Monk – Tips by –
  • Restoration Druid – Tips by Faell
  • Restoration Shaman – Tips by Anganamar

Thwarting the Twins

Thwarting the Twins – a challenge for Shadow Priest, Affliction Warlock, Marksmanship Hunter, Balance Druid, Frost Mage.

This time buff – Knowledgeable

Mage tower as any other building on the Broken Shore can apply one of the four random buffs. Each time the tower is destroyed the game randomly pick one of the four buffs that will be active.

  • Knowledgeable – You have a chance that you receive extra Artifact power token from Dungeons and Raids.
  • Power Overwhelming – Change to get additional Artifact power token from World quests.
  • Reputable – Increase reputation gains of Armies of Legionfall.
  • Light as a Feather – Every time you mount on a mount you’ll get an water walking ability.

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