The Burning Legion: Pit Lords

The Burning Legion: Pit Lords

The Burning Legion: Pit Lords

Sargeras create a huge and unstopable army. This army consists from a lot of cruel, cunning and powerful races.In this section we will look at the most influential of them, and we’ll startwith Pit Lords.

Pit Lords


Pit Lords –  one of the most powerful demons that originated in the chaotic astral region called the Twisting Nether. Their power can be compared only with the power of the Legion generals themselves – Archimonde and Kil’Jaeden. These ruthless, huge destroyers are the military commanders of the Burning Legion. They are just as enormous and majestic, as cruel and powerful.

This is one of the most bloodthirsty, barbaric butchers that roam in the Endless Void. These hulking sowers of hatred and death, nourish love only to destruction and causing pain to all living creatures. In contrast to the artful Nathrezim, which we will mention in the next article, they prefer a simpler approach to the conquest of the world, rather than the first. Their approach – all kinds of intimidation and torture. Often they are enslaved inferior races of demons that would in the future, when the deposition of the mortal worlds, to use them as cannon fodder.

Despite the fact that this race was recruited Kil’Jaeden many centuries ago (it is believed that it happened somewhere between 11 and 25 thousand years ago), they acted under the authority of Archimonde the Defiler. In carrying out theirs activities as a commander, destroyer also acted as living siege machines, overtaking chilling horror to all those who had to face with them. But often they do not participate in the battles, as they are too important to the plans of Burning Legion.

Mannoroth the Destructor

One of the most famous, recognizable representatives of this race, is their leader, a terrible, most powerful of them all – Mannoroth the Destructor.

It is also not less known and Magtheridon and Azgalor.

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