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Upgrade units or buy levels: Teamfight Tactics advanced

Upgrade units or buy levels: Teamfight Tactics advanced

Powerleveling in Teamfight Tactics

In teamfight tactics is a lot of in-depth mechanics that could be used to gain an advantage over the enemy. One of them is in buying additional experience points to outlevel your opponents and place more units on a board.

This is the backbone of your team – because your level is directly affecting the number of active champions you could have on a board. There are two different ways of gaining EXP in Teamfight Tactics – every turn you receiving 2 exp points, and you could buy 4 additional exp point for 4 gold coins.

Картинки по запросу Teamfight Tactics high-tier champions

In the early game the 2 EXP per round is more than enough for every strategy, but in the middle game you will face the real struggle. When you will collect more than 50 coins, you will have some money to spend. And here you need to understand what you need – to roll and trying to find some additional units that will fit your strategy. Or to buy additional exp to increase the size of your army. The most common beginner’s mistake is in rerolling in midgame until you will find all 2-star units.

But in the most winning strategies in Teamfight Tactics the leveling tactic is the best. With every additional level you will have a free spot to set up a unit that will increase the strength of your army or to reach the additional synergy buff. In Teamfight Tactics abilities are extremely important, so you need to aim into outnumbering all the opponents.

Do not forget that with the levels you will have increased chances to obtain a powerful high-tier champions. So in order to build the best team possible you will need to keep an eye on your level and spend money on exp from time to time.

How and when upgrade units in Teamfight Tactics

With the only 1-star admy you will not last long enough in Teamfight Tactics, so be sure that you are upgrading your army in order to break into late game. Upgraded unit deals much more damage and have a lot of health so they could stand as an avangard of your army. So having more 2-star units is a decisive factor that could define the winner of the fight.

Картинки по запросу Teamfight Tactics high-tier champions

The very process of upgrading a unit is extremely elementary – just collect three one-star units and they will be united into a two-star unit. The same process is using to gain a three-star unit – just collect three two-start champions. In order to gain a three-star champion you will need a lot of free space on your bench, but the result is incredible. This is the most impactful strategy that may bring you amazing results in the low ranks during teamfight tactics boosting. The 3-star units is incomparable to the 1-star, and it could carry your games solo.

League of Legends – Interesting facts about Galio

League of Legends – Interesting facts about Galio

Q and A Session about Galio

Recently Riot Games answered on a few question in Reddit, and here is the most interesting of them. If you liked what you read here, I will write more about LoL. Share your opinion in the commentary section.

Why Riots still think that this Galio is same as old one? Where they put old Galio?

Champions may be changed by various conditions: champion have a low pick rate, they badly fit in the new conditions of League of Legends, Their abilities are just unbalanced in the core mechanic, and etc. First two problems is a Galio’s problems. Riot want to fix them without upsetting the players that really love the old Galio and this was a really hard challenge for a team Riot.

The thing is – there is no one perfect and special formula, that allows seeing the abilities that Riot needs to rebalance. Developers just thinking about all pros and cons and listen to the player’s reviews of the champion. Community’s opinion is the strongest factor. Riot do not have anything untouchable in the League of Legends world, so they decided that Galio needed to be reworked. Maybe this step upset some of the players and they want to everything stay untouched, but this is impossible. The Game is enhancing and this is an important aspect. The story just can not move forward if Riots will break all logic chains and make uninteresting plot twists.

Galio reworked

But the community’s atmosphere is another important aspect of LoL, and Riot needs to balance on these 2 sides. Sometimes Riots just need to remake a champion to make it better, to increase his pick rate. Let’s take Galio as an example, “Mana devouring flying stone creature that will protect Demacia, who is not averse to play tricks of the enemy“. He has other great sides but Riot loved these and decided to leave them untouchable. His history was changed a lot, but the anguish and sense of duty, characteristic of the early Galio, remained intact.

Why did you decide to rework Galio so hard? Aatrox seems to get lesser changes.

Galio was a really weak champion, on both sides – in-game mechanic, and in visuals. But Aatrox was a great champion that has issues in the mechanic balance but has perfect visuals, that are loved by many. Riots have plans on reworking champions that are weak on the both sides and almost done their work.

What may Galio’s ultimate look like?

At the early stages of the production, Riot thinking about passive ultimate ability, like gaining him an ability to crawl on the towers and increasing range and power of his abilities.

Is the bond between Poppy and Galio disappeared?

Oh no, Riot even does not think about this opportunity. They still thinking about how to create a bond between these 2 champions.

Galio as a support? You think that this is a good idea?

Well, Galio is fit in the support role more than Shen, but less than Nautilus. Riots still thinking that Galio’s main role in League of Legends is Tank, that needs a lot of gold and EXP. But if Galio support does not break the game on the lane, then everything seems ok to Riots. We will see the answers in future.

Why is he so white? Can you make him a little brighter?

Galio lol

It is easy – new Galio was made from materials, that are usual for the Demacia’s style, and in the LoL’s Lore was mentioned that this material was used because of its anti-magical properties. By the way, new Demacian’s Architectures are preferred minimal style and this why Galio looks like another gargoyle.

How Galio connected with other champions of the Royal Demacian Guard, like Garren, Lux of Fiora?

Galio’s duty – to protect these peoples, and he made his work great, but sometimes may look silly. He understands that human life is just a moment for such creature as him, but he still loves and protects them.