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Patch 7.1 Falcosaurus – Pet and Mount

Patch 7.1 Falcosaurus – Pet and Mount

In the Shattered Isles wound up a new kind of amazing creatures – falcosauruses! In addition to the simple role of evil creatures falcosaurus – is also a combat pet and mount.

Falcosaurus – battle pet and mount

Falcosaur hatchling

Falcosaurus Pet

In 7.1 – 4 new species of Falcosaurus appear:



How to get them

Shortly: reward for a daily quests.

To get a pet, first you have to perform local tasks in each of the desired locations. Sharptalon Swarm! for Sharptalon Hatchling, Direbeak Swarm! for Direbeak Hatchling, and so on.

These local quests can be activated sequentially, every 2 days or may simultaneously. As a reward for them you can get Falcosaur Egg and Pristine Falcosaur Feather, necessary for the production of new items Feathered Luffa and Spiced Wildfowl Omelet.


During the execution of local quests, defeat any of the four types of falcosaurus matriarch and somewhere nearby will appear an orphan-chick. Each type of falco has a corresponding quest and related matriarch.

Orphan can spawn at any time while the quest is active, so do not worry if you can not find it immediately after the murder of the matriarch.

Orphaned chicks will become the fighting pet, if you feed them well! For each of chicks are provided an special food:

You can buy this food at the merchant in Dalaran.

Quests from falcosaures

The next step – is leveling him. Once you level him up to level 25, you will be sending for a job in the big city, where you will wait for an adventure.

In this chain of tasks you have to fight against other players, conquer dungeons and raids, as well as to perform common easy tasks with your pet.

  1. Level him to 25 lvl.
  2. Visit some big sity of your fraction.
  3. Defeat 3 wild beasts for a quest.
  4. Accomplish 5 local quests with your pet.
  5. Accompish 3 local pet battles quests.
  6. Accomplish 1 rare / elite local quest with your pet.
  7. Defeat another 3 wild pets.
  8. Accomplish 3 local PvP quests with your pet.
  9. Buy food for your pet in Dalaran.
  10. Defeat another 3 wild pets.
  11. Beat any boss in dungeon with your pet
  12. Defeat another 3 wild pets.
  13. Beat any raid boss with your pet.

The reward for completing this quest – Ultimate Battle-Training Stone. You can also get toys: Tiny Pack, Dirty Spoon, Fake Teeth, Purple Blossom.

Falcosaurus Mount

Falcosaur mount

This chain of quests reminded me of the old 20-day mission. In this task, you need to feed and educate the little Falcosaur. Is it possible that our falcosaur later become an Mount? The database has 4 that coinciding with pets! Predatory Bloodgazer, Snowfeather Hunter, Viridian Sharptalon, and Brilliant Direbeak.

They are given as a reward for the corresponding “Reunion” in a series of tasks. Rather pets and mounts will be able to interact with each other due to the ability of Generic Mount-Pet Love Trigger.

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The Burning Legion: Satyr

The Burning Legion: Satyr


Satyr WoW

“Perhaps they were our people at one time. Not now. Never again.”
-Lord Ravencrest

Not all demons and minions of the Legion just born somewhere in the depths of the Endless Void. There is a race of mortals, who under the influence of the dark forces of the Fallen Titan began their corruption path that will lead them where they are now. One of these is a Satyres. Once they was a beautiful and powerful  Azeroth race, that called themselves – Kaldorei.

Xavius Origin

The first of the Satyres is Xavius, also he is the most powerfull and due to this he became their leader. During the first war, he with Queen Azshara betrayed his people, for which he was killed by Malfurion Stormrage.

Sargeras decided that Xavius could be useful to Burning Legion and raised him by converting in terrible horned creature, awarding his with the ability to turn the night elves in the same abominations as himself. Dark Lord also awarded this race with Immortality.


Instead of slender elven they now have a large hairy body, more than 2 m in height. They grew sharp claws, hooves on their feet and horns on theirs head.

Appearance of satyres exactly reflects their inner world. This creatures are masters of demonic magic, but despite this they prefer to carry out attacks in close combat. Like all demonic creatures, they love causing physical and emotional pain to their pray.

Inheriting from Xavius an ability to transform the elves into satyres, they are happy to spread the infection throughout the world. They quickly attack their prey and tear it a part.  Evisceration gives them a special pleasure, and the bloodier it is, the better . This race has no idea of honor and so attacking their target surreptitiously. They stalk the mortals, leaving a hint of theirs presence, and Originating paranoia in victims and delusions of persecution.

Val’sharah Review

Val’sharah Review


In this wooded area concealed the heart of the abode of the Druids. Here is the Emerald Dream, where the demigod Cenarius first met Malfurion Stormrage, his future student. Also in this area are a number of key areas, such as the Tree of Life Shaladrassil and Black Rook Hold.

Val’shara – Zone of contrasts: on the one hand stands the temple of Elune and the other fierce battles are raging.

Emerald Nightmare

emerald nightmare
Next to all this is the Emerald Nightmare, that is responsible for the desecration of the Tree of Life.
Pervasive evil influences of the Druids and other forest dwellers such as centaurs and Dryads

Cenarius Grove


Cenarius Grove – This is the center of Druidism, the most important place for the Druids. It is Cenarius. His abode.

Druids for centuries cared for each forest plot. Here is the Cenarius Grove, were  teaching about Druidism was born, and in this area have been trained all incredibly mighty Druids. Of course, taking place in Val’share events had a significant impact on the history of Azeroth.

Grove keeper so strongly linked to the Emerald Dream, that when he was attacked by the Nightmare, Cenarius was injured very seriously. He is there in the Grove, but he is in no condition to somehow influence what is happening.

Black Rook Hold

Black Rook Hold

 Black Rook Hold – ancient stronghold, in which lived a famous commander Kur’talos Ravencrest. During the War of the Ancients we gathered here the night elf defenders and kept the defense against the forces of demons.

Residents of Gilneas, get to Val’sharah, built their town Bradensbruk in western areas. Soon, they began attacking undead pouring from the Fortress of the Black Rook in the north.

When Penelope, daughter of the mayor Hizrou, disappeared, he enraged for evermore. In Bradensbruk came Jarod Shadowsong, who wanted to find his sister in the Fortress of the Black Rook, but the mayor Hizrou took him on gun sight, and accused of lying, not allowed him to go further.

Jerod asked to help him earn the trust of the Bradensbruk residents. It turned out that the undead that attacked the city – his old friends, who were killed during the War of the Ancients.


World of Warcraft Legion | preview

World of Warcraft Legion | preview

World of Warcraft Legion | preview

New Locations



There is an ancient elven city with a mysterious source of power – the night well. Under the influence of water from the well Elves changed and began to call themselves Nightbornes. With the onslaught of the Legion Nightbornes found no other choice but to join the Burning Legion.



High in the mountains of Stormheim are located Halls of Valor, where guardian Odyn protects one of the Titans relic – Aegis of Aggramar. Many brave heroes have tried to get it, but they all are unworthy.

Helheim is located in Stormheim. It is the polar opposite to the Halls of Valor: while the greatest vrykul warriors are brought to the Halls by the val’kyr, the unworthy are pulled into Helheim by kvaldir upon their death.



It is home to the Tauren blessing by Cenarius and underground race dragbars. With the onslaught of the Legion the King of Dungeons stole Hammer of Khaz’goroth and killed the leader of the tauren because of what the tribes had split again.



Xavius, the first of the satyrs, defiled the Emerald Dream, and now his filth seeping into our world. Even Cenarius did not cope with this flow of nightmares.

Malfurion Stormrage came to Val’sharah to establish the cause of defilement, but he was captured by his former ally – Xavius.



Queen Azshara begin the invasion of Azsunu in search of Tidestone of Golganneth, one of the pillars of the world. A long time ago elven prince was able to protect the relic, but Azshara shatter Tidestone of Golganneth and cursed all his people.

Artifact Weapons

Artifacts is a new type of wepon that coming in Legion expansion.

  • Every spec has his own Artifact Weapon, which fits into the history of the class. – 36 weapons total
  • Unique quest lines
  • No other weapons drop in Legion.
  • Artifact increase in power by getting Artifact Power and Relics. By artifact power you unlock various traits. Relics increases your Artifact item level.
  • Artifacts have various models and colors.