Val’sharah Review

Val’sharah Review


In this wooded area concealed the heart of the abode of the Druids. Here is the Emerald Dream, where the demigod Cenarius first met Malfurion Stormrage, his future student. Also in this area are a number of key areas, such as the Tree of Life Shaladrassil and Black Rook Hold.

Val’shara – Zone of contrasts: on the one hand stands the temple of Elune and the other fierce battles are raging.

Emerald Nightmare

emerald nightmare
Next to all this is the Emerald Nightmare, that is responsible for the desecration of the Tree of Life.
Pervasive evil influences of the Druids and other forest dwellers such as centaurs and Dryads

Cenarius Grove


Cenarius Grove – This is the center of Druidism, the most important place for the Druids. It is Cenarius. His abode.

Druids for centuries cared for each forest plot. Here is the Cenarius Grove, were  teaching about Druidism was born, and in this area have been trained all incredibly mighty Druids. Of course, taking place in Val’share events had a significant impact on the history of Azeroth.

Grove keeper so strongly linked to the Emerald Dream, that when he was attacked by the Nightmare, Cenarius was injured very seriously. He is there in the Grove, but he is in no condition to somehow influence what is happening.

Black Rook Hold

Black Rook Hold

 Black Rook Hold – ancient stronghold, in which lived a famous commander Kur’talos Ravencrest. During the War of the Ancients we gathered here the night elf defenders and kept the defense against the forces of demons.

Residents of Gilneas, get to Val’sharah, built their town Bradensbruk in western areas. Soon, they began attacking undead pouring from the Fortress of the Black Rook in the north.

When Penelope, daughter of the mayor Hizrou, disappeared, he enraged for evermore. In Bradensbruk came Jarod Shadowsong, who wanted to find his sister in the Fortress of the Black Rook, but the mayor Hizrou took him on gun sight, and accused of lying, not allowed him to go further.

Jerod asked to help him earn the trust of the Bradensbruk residents. It turned out that the undead that attacked the city – his old friends, who were killed during the War of the Ancients.


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