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The Burning Legion: Satyr

The Burning Legion: Satyr


Satyr WoW

“Perhaps they were our people at one time. Not now. Never again.”
-Lord Ravencrest

Not all demons and minions of the Legion just born somewhere in the depths of the Endless Void. There is a race of mortals, who under the influence of the dark forces of the Fallen Titan began their corruption path that will lead them where they are now. One of these is a Satyres. Once they was a beautiful and powerful  Azeroth race, that called themselves – Kaldorei.

Xavius Origin

The first of the Satyres is Xavius, also he is the most powerfull and due to this he became their leader. During the first war, he with Queen Azshara betrayed his people, for which he was killed by Malfurion Stormrage.

Sargeras decided that Xavius could be useful to Burning Legion and raised him by converting in terrible horned creature, awarding his with the ability to turn the night elves in the same abominations as himself. Dark Lord also awarded this race with Immortality.


Instead of slender elven they now have a large hairy body, more than 2 m in height. They grew sharp claws, hooves on their feet and horns on theirs head.

Appearance of satyres exactly reflects their inner world. This creatures are masters of demonic magic, but despite this they prefer to carry out attacks in close combat. Like all demonic creatures, they love causing physical and emotional pain to their pray.

Inheriting from Xavius an ability to transform the elves into satyres, they are happy to spread the infection throughout the world. They quickly attack their prey and tear it a part.  Evisceration gives them a special pleasure, and the bloodier it is, the better . This race has no idea of honor and so attacking their target surreptitiously. They stalk the mortals, leaving a hint of theirs presence, and Originating paranoia in victims and delusions of persecution.

The Burning Legion: Succubi and Shivarry

The Burning Legion: Succubi and Shivarry

Female Forces of the Burning Legion

Sayaadi (Succubi)

Succubi sayaadi Burning Legion

“Do not touch what you can not afford”
– Succubus

Sayaadi, or more commonly known as succubi – part of the female forces of the Burning Legion. Sayaadibeautiful demonic maidens, their beauty is as insidious as it is their essence. No one know when they decided to join Burning Legion and what is theirs homeland, as well as no one ever seen any male of this race. They execute orders only those who they respect and who are sympathetic to them. But after they joined the Dark Titan, they had no choice but to live by the law.

Her feet, from the hooves, covered in tattoos deposited by magic. The body is dressed in a light plate armor of unknown material. This armor is only slightly covers her body, but it is well protected from all attack. Sayaadi of the Burning Legion have recurved horns.

Succubi – is a delight and burning pain in one person. Their main weapon – it is lust and seduction, through its sensual forms. Like all demons, they love to bring the pain and suffering to mortals, but often do not mind and have fun with them.

These ladies try to avoid direct confrontation, preferring to fight with incredible charm, and when they win the trust of the victim, hit them in the back.

Many mortal sorcerers choose Sayaadi as their companions, but rarely unwittingly fall into the uncontrolled love for them. Racial leader of succubi was Queen of Suffering, as a great and powerful, that could even tempt immortal beings.


Shivarry Burning Legion

Shivarry – one more representative of the beautiful half of the Burning Legion. As is the case with Sayaadi nothing about the representatives of the male race is unknown. And we know almost nothing about these strange and fascinating creatures. In the ranks of Sargeras they serve as priestesses and chaplain (priest). Demonic six-armed woman, very devout by nature.

They Live only for the sake of what to preach the vision of the Fallen Titan. Their devotion to the Dark Lord is deep. They have sharp blades in each pair of hands

Like sayaadi, their body only half covered with light armor. Shivarry have no particular racial leader, they dutifully serve the same God – Sargeras.

One of the recognized representatives of a Mother Shahraz.

The Burning Legion: Mo’arg

The Burning Legion: Mo’arg

Leading Troops


Mo'arg engeener

“They’re building to destroy forever.”
– Tessa Black

Mo’arg – a powerful and very intelligent demonic race. These terrible creatures, were opponents of Sargeras, at the time when he was still a defender of the Pantheon. Like many of the other races, they were born in the depths of the Twisting Nether. After the madness of Titan, he got them into the ranks of his troops. Mo’arg are outstanding engineers and blacksmiths, they were born only to create machines, and will give odds to almost any goblin and gnome of Azeroth. Every self-respecting Mo’arg feels obliged to modify his body, equipped with its own inventions, replacing flesh with an iron hand-saw or mechanical pair of eyes. They refused even from food itself, replacing stomachs with mechanism on the batteries.

In the ranks of the Legion, these vile creatures, exercise defense, forge weapons, create siege machines, equip camp. Under the guidance of the brilliant engineers working Gn’args – undersized Mo’arg that are engaged in repair and service equipment. However ehey are not no more stupid than their tall relatives, but do not consider it important or necessary to improve their body.
This Race dont have any leader.


Mo'arg Fel Guard

Fel Guard may be called the main combat unit of the Burning Legion. These demons are Mo’arg race. In spite of theirs low position in the huge army, they are not much inferior to the power of its leaders. They operate under the guidance of the Doom Guardians and Destructors. These demonic creatures fearless and steadfast allegiance to their leaders.

This muscular demons are about 2.5 meters tall. They have red skin, leg end with cloven hooves. Three small horns growing right out of their heads, while the two long horns protruding from his back. They have a giant sword oddly shaped with sharp corners and teeth.

Unlike the higher demons, they do not rely on magic and deception, they shy away from it all. Their weapons – clean power, they are trained only to fight and can not do anything more. They overwhelm their opponents with lightning speed. Demons are not stupid, like their race engineers use all sorts of tactics and looking for weaknesses in the enemy’s rear, causing powerful punches. Their forces exceed the forces of the mortal races.

Outside of battle, they are disciplined and obedient, but when given the order to rush into battle, they turn into wild, unforgiving, ruthless monsters.

Leader, like other Mo’arg, have been observed. But the bright representative of these creatures – Fel Lord Zakkun that, in the opinions is an evolved stage of the ordinary fel guards.