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Month: September 2017

Virtual ticket to the BlizzCon 2017 | Awards

Virtual ticket to the BlizzCon 2017 | Awards

The eleventh Blizzcon in this year will traditionally be held in the expanses of sunny California, in Anaheim, on November 3-4. For those who can not personally attend this epic exhibition in all senses, a “Virtual Ticket” is available that will allow viewers to follow all the main events on several broadcasts and will give a feeling of the atmosphere of the holiday reigning on it. All this without leaving home!

BlizzCon | New Mounts and Other

Virtual Ticket” on Blizzcon 2017 went on sale for 39.99 USD. Together with the opportunity to follow exciting events, its owners will receive a number of in-game gifts for all Blizzard games:

  • World of Warcraft: a double flying vehicle – the Horde airship Orgrimmar Interceptor and the Alliance ship Stormwind Skychaser, as well as the great feat “The Rider of War.” These mounts have a special animation / mountspecial and are already available in the game;
  • Other games: soon …

BlizzCon Virtual Ticket mounts


Also, this year Blizzard prepared several pleasant changes and innovations for “virtual” viewers:

  • Each week, developers will produce special videos that will tell about Blizzard and the community: interviews with developers, composers, artists, famous players; recording of the creation of drawings and cosplay and much more; A lot of new materials can be viewed at;
  • The number of broadcasts will double. There will be an opportunity to watch the broadcasts from various places and ALL panels of the exhibition, including those that have never been shown before. Also, you can see special private interviews with developers;
  • The interface of the player will be improved, which will allow selecting the most interesting materials and broadcasts personally for each viewer;
  • In the near future, there will be a special application on iOS and Android for viewing Blizzcon 2017 on mobile devices.
    The ticket holders receive $ 10 discount to “Bag with goods.” Also this time you can buy an “Epic bag with gifts” containing additional items.