Argus the Unmaker | 7.3.2 Final Boss of the Legion

Argus the Unmaker | 7.3.2 Final Boss of the Legion

The developers intentionally let the mystery cover on the final battle in the Legion, so be careful all that below is a huge spoiler to end one of the most exciting and epic storylines of the World of Warcraft.

Although the developers did not want to disclose the abilities of the final boss, they could not add the ability to the files of the game itself, and the craftsmen with Vovhead easily got to the bottom and I present to you the last legion of the Legion.

Argus is a Titan | How it is Possible?

Previously, for all of us, the Titans were truly inexplicable creatures and only with the release of the Warcraft Chronicles we were able to get at least some information about these all-power creatures. According to information in the book – Titans are powerful creatures that were created from the very arcana, they are born from the worlds themselves if these worlds are strong enough and they contain a special Titan-soul. You already know that in Azeroth this very soul exists, and now it suffers, but still resists and gives hope to all the inhabitants. But what do we know about Argus?

pantheone titans

Argus is the oldest planet, the planet of the birthplace of the Eredar, as well-known as the Draenei. It is well known that the Titans visited Argus like Azeroth and many other worlds, in search of the soul of the titan and they did not find such a soul on Argus. So Who is the Argue the Unmaker and what powers he held in his hands?

What was behind the Sargeras’ Great Betrayal?

The thing is that in the Argus’s soul is existed but it was small so that none of the Titans could detect it or they knew that this soul does not have enough strength to become a full Titan. All of them decided to just forget about him, all except Sargeras, because he needed the power source to feed his army in his Dark Crusade. And after his great betrayal, he remembered about the existence of a weak brother and firmly decided to defile the world and all its inhabitants.

As we all know, All living creatures, even the demons, have one enemy – the Lords of the Abyss, and Sargeras’s goal is righteous – he wants to prevent them from making their way into our world. But they, because of their mighty power, cannot enter our reality and for this, they need an avatar of unprecedented power, the Titan-avatar. Sargeras has set himself the goal – never to let them into our reality, even if this requires destroying all the Titans and all life in the universe. It was because of this, he began his dark crusade in which he burned entire worlds in the flames of war and destroyed any titan-soul encountered on his way.

So why then Corrupted Titan spared Argus and instead of destroying, began to absorb his forces as a coal for powering his military machine? The fact is that the soul of Argus was not strong enough even to just get the form of a Titan, and the Dark Lord needed an incredible power source. Yes, the Soul of Titan has incredible power and it is thanks to her that demons are able to revive in a Nether.

Invasion of the Forces of the Light

When the heroes invaded Argus they found there Draeneis who did not succumb to Sargeras’ false promises and remained faithful to the light, they became Krokuuns, the same Outcasts as Akama. Shamans of the Krokuuns could communicate with the soul of Argus, using special stones, and it is thanks to the benevolence of the world that they could survive for so long in the heart of the Burning Legion. Magni Bronzebeard, after the ritual of joining with the stone, also found the ability to speak with the Titans, and he heard a voice full of pain, a voice calling for help.

Immediately after arrival, the Army of Light began to besiege the impregnable bastion, intending to make its way right into the heart of ArgusAnthorus the Burning Throne. It is there that Sargeras keeps his darkest secrets and the most faithful allies. Magni Bronzebeard learned about the ancient machine of the Titans, capable of locking the spirit of a broken titan, forever depriving the Burning Legion of his immortal army.

Argus Titan

Heroes will have to fight through the never-ending forces, defeat the most powerful demons from the Sargeras Army, and even meet the souls of the other Titans of the Pantheon. It turns out that Sargeras did not destroy the Titans, or rather destroyed them not completely, they left only the old echoes of the power they possessed, and the Dark Titan decided to amuse himself. The whole Pantheon was broken, and Aggramar even went insane and joined the elite suite of the Dark Lord.

After fighting through the crowds of enemies, freeing the Souls of the Titans, the Heroes will finally approach the very core of the planet to conduct a ritual that will allow them to overcome the Burning Legion. But suddenly Titan appears in front of them in all his might. Argus the Unmaker in the flesh. Sargeras and his dark knowledge allowed to the Argus to obtain a physical form and now, against his will, he will kill everyone who enters the sacred halls of his chambers.

Argus the Unmaker | Final Boss of the Legion

Argus the Unmaker begins the fight in a special arena and is armed with a huge scythe. The boss periodically clears all targets in the cone in front of him using Sweeping Scythe.

Argus the Unmaker | Phase One

Argus the Unmaker: 100%-70%

In the first phase, the heroes are helped by Golganneth, the titan sitting on the left throne on the picture. He uses the spell Sky and Sea, which spawn two spheres on earth. The Sky sphere causes buff Strenght of the Sky and increasing the Critical Strike and Mastery, the Sea sphere causes Strength of the Sea, that increase Haste and Versality.

Pantheone of the Titans

During P1 Argus will breathe with the Death Fog that will remain on the Arena until Argus reaches 70% HP and Golganneth uses Golganneth’s Wrath to clear Death Fog off the platform. This is a soft enrage mechanic of the final encounter.

Argus the Unmaker | Phase Two

Argus the Unmaker: 70%-40%

The main thing on the P2 is the Volatile Soul, which debuffs two players with Soulburst and Soulbomb.  One of the tanks will be blessed with the Aggramar and receive Avatar of Aggramar, that grants a massive bonus to health and redirecting all incoming damage into himself. This hero must help their allies that were affected by Soulburst and Soulbomb to survive.


Argus the Unmaker | Phase Three

Argus the Unmaker: 40%-??%

After Argus reaches 40% hp he flees the battleground and summons a bunch of Constellar Designate. These creatures use the power of the stars against the heroes, and use next abilities:

Heroes will be able to reach those creatures only using the help of the Norgannon. This Titan will summon a few flying disks, and the rest is on the heroes’ shoulder.

Each of these Constellar Designates has their own weaknesses to the one element and will take 200% bonus damage from that school:

Argus the Unmaker | Phase Four

Argus the Unmaker: ??%-??%

While Heroes fighting against Contstellar Designates, Argus do not lose his time and cast Reap Soul, that will kill all players. But the Eonar saves all heroes, using Gift of the Lifebinder. Players will be able to Release Spirit during encounter!

Tree of Life

Just like with the Desolate Host you will be able to travel between the two realms – the Mortal Realm, and the Spirit World, while Gift of the Lifebinder is active. Players in the Spirit world will need to consume Life Energy to resurrect into Mortal Realm, but after they consume all Life Energy, the Withered Gift of the Lifebinder will start to receive an increasing damage.

Aman'thul probes

Aman’Thul will also help in this phase and summon Reorigination Modules, which will help to defeat the Unmaker. Players must damage these modules, survive their Reorigination Pulse and then collect Motes of Titanic Power in the Spirit World, and after heroes collect enough of them Khaz’Goroth will cast his special ability Titanforging.

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