The Burning Legion: Mo’arg

The Burning Legion: Mo’arg

Leading Troops


Mo'arg engeener

“They’re building to destroy forever.”
– Tessa Black

Mo’arg – a powerful and very intelligent demonic race. These terrible creatures, were opponents of Sargeras, at the time when he was still a defender of the Pantheon. Like many of the other races, they were born in the depths of the Twisting Nether. After the madness of Titan, he got them into the ranks of his troops. Mo’arg are outstanding engineers and blacksmiths, they were born only to create machines, and will give odds to almost any goblin and gnome of Azeroth. Every self-respecting Mo’arg feels obliged to modify his body, equipped with its own inventions, replacing flesh with an iron hand-saw or mechanical pair of eyes. They refused even from food itself, replacing stomachs with mechanism on the batteries.

In the ranks of the Legion, these vile creatures, exercise defense, forge weapons, create siege machines, equip camp. Under the guidance of the brilliant engineers working Gn’args – undersized Mo’arg that are engaged in repair and service equipment. However ehey are not no more stupid than their tall relatives, but do not consider it important or necessary to improve their body.
This Race dont have any leader.


Mo'arg Fel Guard

Fel Guard may be called the main combat unit of the Burning Legion. These demons are Mo’arg race. In spite of theirs low position in the huge army, they are not much inferior to the power of its leaders. They operate under the guidance of the Doom Guardians¬†and Destructors. These demonic creatures fearless and steadfast allegiance to their leaders.

This muscular demons are about 2.5 meters tall. They have red skin, leg end with cloven hooves. Three small horns growing right out of their heads, while the two long horns protruding from his back. They have a giant sword oddly shaped with sharp corners and teeth.

Unlike the higher demons, they do not rely on magic and deception, they shy away from it all. Their weapons – clean power, they are trained only to fight and can not do anything more. They overwhelm their opponents with lightning speed. Demons are not stupid, like their race engineers use all sorts of tactics and looking for weaknesses in the enemy’s rear, causing powerful punches. Their forces exceed the forces of the mortal races.

Outside of battle, they are disciplined and obedient, but when given the order to rush into battle, they turn into wild, unforgiving, ruthless monsters.

Leader, like other Mo’arg, have been observed. But the bright representative of these creatures – Fel Lord Zakkun that, in the opinions is an evolved stage of the ordinary¬†fel guards.

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