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Upgrade units or buy levels: Teamfight Tactics advanced

Upgrade units or buy levels: Teamfight Tactics advanced

Powerleveling in Teamfight Tactics

In teamfight tactics is a lot of in-depth mechanics that could be used to gain an advantage over the enemy. One of them is in buying additional experience points to outlevel your opponents and place more units on a board.

This is the backbone of your team – because your level is directly affecting the number of active champions you could have on a board. There are two different ways of gaining EXP in Teamfight Tactics – every turn you receiving 2 exp points, and you could buy 4 additional exp point for 4 gold coins.

Картинки по запросу Teamfight Tactics high-tier champions

In the early game the 2 EXP per round is more than enough for every strategy, but in the middle game you will face the real struggle. When you will collect more than 50 coins, you will have some money to spend. And here you need to understand what you need – to roll and trying to find some additional units that will fit your strategy. Or to buy additional exp to increase the size of your army. The most common beginner’s mistake is in rerolling in midgame until you will find all 2-star units.

But in the most winning strategies in Teamfight Tactics the leveling tactic is the best. With every additional level you will have a free spot to set up a unit that will increase the strength of your army or to reach the additional synergy buff. In Teamfight Tactics abilities are extremely important, so you need to aim into outnumbering all the opponents.

Do not forget that with the levels you will have increased chances to obtain a powerful high-tier champions. So in order to build the best team possible you will need to keep an eye on your level and spend money on exp from time to time.

How and when upgrade units in Teamfight Tactics

With the only 1-star admy you will not last long enough in Teamfight Tactics, so be sure that you are upgrading your army in order to break into late game. Upgraded unit deals much more damage and have a lot of health so they could stand as an avangard of your army. So having more 2-star units is a decisive factor that could define the winner of the fight.

Картинки по запросу Teamfight Tactics high-tier champions

The very process of upgrading a unit is extremely elementary – just collect three one-star units and they will be united into a two-star unit. The same process is using to gain a three-star unit – just collect three two-start champions. In order to gain a three-star champion you will need a lot of free space on your bench, but the result is incredible. This is the most impactful strategy that may bring you amazing results in the low ranks during teamfight tactics boosting. The 3-star units is incomparable to the 1-star, and it could carry your games solo.