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New Overwatch map is coming to the game very soon! Details inside.

New Overwatch map is coming to the game very soon! Details inside.

No one in gambling does CGI cinematics at the same level as Blizzard. The most recent Overwatch brief concentrates on D.Va along with the burden of her feeling as she is the sole person who will battle against Omnic. Without giving too much away, the outcomes are heartwarming and slightly volatile. Over this, there are a few overt topics about it being ok to request help (such as if you are shifting the payload) current too. There could also be a couple of teases about what is next for your Korean esports superstar should you look close enough.

Overwatch New map

With regards to what is next for Overwatch itself, another stadium was added into the Public Test Realm. The expansive”Busan” combines traditional Asian architecture with contemporary lifestyle, at a map set in D.Va’s residence nation. Busan was created for the management gametype using a trio of different sections: the tranquil Sanctuary region teeming with gardens and temples, Downtown and the MEKA group’s foundation. Yep, you are going to have to battle it out in D.Va’s office. While you are waiting for an upcoming Overwatch map, let All Wowers Team recommend you a Cheap Overwatch Boosting Service which will help you to improve yours skill rating rank almost immediately.


It generally does not take too long to your maps to go from the PTR to people drama, so in the event that you would like to have an early benefit, you may want to fire up your PC sooner instead of later.

Battle For Azeroth | Zandalari Trolls

Battle For Azeroth | Zandalari Trolls

Druid Path of Zandalari Race

As you already may know in the new expansion pack for the World of Warcraft – Batlle For Azeroth, you may choose the sub-race of trolls. You already met them before, but the new models were presented to us only in the Mists of Pandaria.

Trolls of Zandalari are the unique and more evolved type of trolls, they are much closer to the Night Elves then classical trolls, and you could tell about this just by looking at their appearance.

Developers form Blizzard decided to show that Druid’s path quite differs from the one we all know. All Druid’s forms are representing them as prehistorical dinosaurs.

Moonkin Form


Bear Form


Cat Form is not yet showed, but I think that it will be different too.

Virtual ticket to the BlizzCon 2017 | Awards

Virtual ticket to the BlizzCon 2017 | Awards

The eleventh Blizzcon in this year will traditionally be held in the expanses of sunny California, in Anaheim, on November 3-4. For those who can not personally attend this epic exhibition in all senses, a “Virtual Ticket” is available that will allow viewers to follow all the main events on several broadcasts and will give a feeling of the atmosphere of the holiday reigning on it. All this without leaving home!

BlizzCon | New Mounts and Other

Virtual Ticket” on Blizzcon 2017 went on sale for 39.99 USD. Together with the opportunity to follow exciting events, its owners will receive a number of in-game gifts for all Blizzard games:

  • World of Warcraft: a double flying vehicle – the Horde airship Orgrimmar Interceptor and the Alliance ship Stormwind Skychaser, as well as the great feat “The Rider of War.” These mounts have a special animation / mountspecial and are already available in the game;
  • Other games: soon …

BlizzCon Virtual Ticket mounts


Also, this year Blizzard prepared several pleasant changes and innovations for “virtual” viewers:

  • Each week, developers will produce special videos that will tell about Blizzard and the community: interviews with developers, composers, artists, famous players; recording of the creation of drawings and cosplay and much more; A lot of new materials can be viewed at;
  • The number of broadcasts will double. There will be an opportunity to watch the broadcasts from various places and ALL panels of the exhibition, including those that have never been shown before. Also, you can see special private interviews with developers;
  • The interface of the player will be improved, which will allow selecting the most interesting materials and broadcasts personally for each viewer;
  • In the near future, there will be a special application on iOS and Android for viewing Blizzcon 2017 on mobile devices.
    The ticket holders receive $ 10 discount to “Bag with goods.” Also this time you can buy an “Epic bag with gifts” containing additional items.


Destiny 2 will cooperate with Blizzard

Destiny 2 will cooperate with Blizzard

Many were waiting for this and finally, their expectations were justified! Meet Destiny 2 on a PC and not just on a PC and it comes out on the platform of Destiny 2 is very popular at Blizzard and it was the main reason why they agreed to contribute to the speedy release of this, no doubt, wonderful game. With the help of Blizzard Destiny 2 will be able to join their global network, which will allow Bungle to concentrate all efforts and resources on the development of the game itself. Destiny 2 supports full synchronization with all social applications of Blizzard.

Destiny 2 on

Destiny 2 game

The company Blizzard has a stable network infrastructure, and that’s why they were chosen. If it were Blizzard won’t helped then Bungle would have to develop its own network client for the release of this wonderful franchise on a PC. But this does not mean that in the near future on the platform Blizzard will start to appear new games. The company has no short-term or long-term plans to support third-party games on this platform.

Players will enjoy the exciting gameplay, the new “Play with the Guide” mode, four different planets with completely different landscapes that can be traveled. It does not matter whether you played in the first part, anyone can find a job for their liking. The story campaign can be performed both with friends and alone, and with the help of “Play with the Guide” it will be easier for players to go through complex tasks while teaming up.

Destiny heroes

The release of the Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will be held in September this year. For the PS4 console, temporary exclusive content will also be available.

Available information about Destiny 2

Trailer Destiny 2

Very soon MMOFPS Destiny 2 comes out and it is known that at least two additions are planned for the game. Now, thanks to the arts posted on the game page in the Xbox store, players who are familiar with the storyline of the game learned that they can be devoted to two important characters of the universe – Osiris, and Rasputin.

  • Banner Osiris – black eye on the yellow cloth is a symbol of a mysterious character who conducts a multiplayer tournament Trials of Osiris. In addition, he is a powerful Warlock who lives on Mercury. And although he never appeared himself in the game, but there are a lot of details about him.
  • The second symbol belongs to Rasputin. Rasputin is one of the Warmind AI that was designed to protect humanity and Earth from the forces of darkness. Several missions were dedicated to him during the storyline of the original game, and there were scattered clues that defensive AI had become something different.

Thanks to the leak to the network of a short FAQ for the directors of the GameStop stores, we have new information about MMOFPS Destiny 2. If this document is real, we are waiting for a lot of new details, but since no one can guarantee the truthfulness of the information, we ask to view the information below as “rumors”. New information from the document:

  • Pre-order Destiny 2 will open up early access to the open game test, which will be available to all and will run on all platforms. For the GameStop network, there will be a separate gift: everyone who pre-ordered the Limited Edition will receive a unique figure.
  • Destiny 2 will be a completely separate game and will not require players to have an original game or any other content, knowledge of the plot and the ability to play in Destiny. Perhaps this means that according to the plot of the sequel we will be told about the events of the first game.
  • In Destiny 2, you can transfer characters from Destiny that reached level 20 and have completed mission Black Garden. Only the appearance settings of the character will be transferred, the other: currency, equipment, achievement, progress, will not be transferred – they will remain available in Destiny 1. Additionally, developers plan to add the insignia for the veterans of the original game to honor their achievements.
  • The season pass will include two large additions, the first will be available in winter 2017, the second – in the spring of 2018. Both additions will add to the game new story assignments, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer, as well as a large number of new weapons, armor, and equipment.

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