New Overwatch map is coming to the game very soon! Details inside.

New Overwatch map is coming to the game very soon! Details inside.

No one in gambling does CGI cinematics at the same level as Blizzard. The most recent Overwatch brief concentrates on D.Va along with the burden of her feeling as she is the sole person who will battle against Omnic. Without giving too much away, the outcomes are heartwarming and slightly volatile. Over this, there are a few overt topics about it being ok to request help (such as if you are shifting the payload) current too. There could also be a couple of teases about what is next for your Korean esports superstar should you look close enough.

Overwatch New map

With regards to what is next for Overwatch itself, another stadium was added into the Public Test Realm. The expansive”Busan” combines traditional Asian architecture with contemporary lifestyle, at a map set in D.Va’s residence nation. Busan was created for the management gametype using a trio of different sections: the tranquil Sanctuary region teeming with gardens and temples, Downtown and the MEKA group’s foundation. Yep, you are going to have to battle it out in D.Va’s office. While you are waiting for an upcoming Overwatch map, let All Wowers Team recommend you a Cheap Overwatch Boosting Service which will help you to improve yours skill rating rank almost immediately.


It generally does not take too long to your maps to go from the PTR to people drama, so in the event that you would like to have an early benefit, you may want to fire up your PC sooner instead of later.

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