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Battle For Azeroth | Zandalari Trolls

Battle For Azeroth | Zandalari Trolls

Druid Path of Zandalari Race

As you already may know in the new expansion pack for the World of Warcraft – Batlle For Azeroth, you may choose the sub-race of trolls. You already met them before, but the new models were presented to us only in the Mists of Pandaria.

Trolls of Zandalari are the unique and more evolved type of trolls, they are much closer to the Night Elves then classical trolls, and you could tell about this just by looking at their appearance.

Developers form Blizzard decided to show that Druid’s path quite differs from the one we all know. All Druid’s forms are representing them as prehistorical dinosaurs.

Moonkin Form


Bear Form


Cat Form is not yet showed, but I think that it will be different too.